Lake Texoma Association starts petition to change federal lake laws

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK - Drought has drawn lake levels down exposing a barren shoreline, but Lake Texoma Association executive director Shelly Morgan said with less water available the amount used needs to change.

"The drought controls that are in place right now are just not effective," said Morgan. "I mean they didn't consider the fact that we've got this huge economic growth in Texas and in Oklahoma. They were written 70 years ago."

That's why they've started a petition to put more power behind those federal lake laws. Morgan said the lake was built for flood control, water supply and hydropower, and while there are restrictions, power companies can still draw from the lake under certain conditions.

"They still have this underlying, well if there's a peak power surge, if there's a peak power demand then we're going to use water," said Morgan.

Since the Association set up the petition on Wednesday, more than 900 people have signed. Rick Lane said he signed because from its creation, the lake has grown into an economic powerhouse.

"And so the economics has changed," said Lane. "The law hasn't. And it's just time to update the law to the current situation."

The petition needs at least 100,000 signatures for the president to look at itt, but Morgan is asking for 250,000.

"if we can show the public support associated with the fact that we do need the laws changed on Lake Texoma I mean that's absolutely what we need to show our legislators," said Morgan.

If you'd like to sign the petition, it's listed on