Lake Texoma levels higher, but not normal

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DENISON, TEXAS -- Recent rainfall has increased the water level at Lake Texoma. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it's helping wildlife and boaters.

Our rain over the past two weeks has made Lake Texoma swell, but the water level is still not high enough.

"The lake was at 615.44 this morning and it should be around 619 right now," Texas Parks and Wildlife Biologist John Moczygemba said.

"Current elevation is about three and a half feet lower than what we should be," BJ Parkey with the Army Corps of Engineers said.

The water level has risen two feet since May.

Moczygemba says that small difference means a lot for fish.

"Any kind of water that comes in the lake is going to help the fish, especially this time of year during spawning, because a lot of fish depend on inflow from the rivers to spawn," Moczygemba said.

Not to mention, Parkey says the added water helps boaters avoid shallow hazards.

"When the lake gets a little bit low, you're always going to look out for sand bars, submerged tree stumps, watch your depth finder," Parkey said.

Parkey says, considering we've been in a drought for three years, the lake level is good -- but could be better.

"Obviously, we'd like to be right at normal, 619 elevation, 'cause here before too long, the rainfall's going to stop, then we're going to be endured with a long, hot summer," Parkey said.

Biologists say, while they're thankful for the recent weather, they're also continuing to hope for more rain.

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