Lake Texoma's water level continues to rise

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LAKE TEXOMA -- Last month we reported that Lake Texoma was up about a foot since the start of July. This month more good news. Water levels have risen even higher.

Lake Texoma has reaped the benefits of this summer's rain. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says the pool elevation is now nearly 612 feet, up more than three feet since the 1st of June. Michael Jordan lives near the lake.

"Over the last few weeks we've watched the water levels come up and the dock behind me is actually floating again," Jordan said.

In January we told you Lake Texoma was down to 609 feet, the lowest the lake had been in more than 40 years, which alarmed area residents.

"When the lake levels got to, down below 608 and there was an issue about us being able to have a water supply," Jordan said.

Leslie Thurman says she visits Lake Texoma every summer and when she visited this year...

"Shock! I was really shocked. I thought this is really bad, but you know it won't keep me from coming. As long as we can go fishing I enjoy it," Thurman said.

While people are enjoying the rising lake levels the corps reminds lake-goers that the water level is still below normal for this time of year -- by about six feet -- and asks you to continue to beware of added hazards, like sandbars and exposed stumps.

"I'm hoping that next year will be a lot better. We'll enjoy it a lot more," Thurman said.