Lamar Co. grass fire destroys home, threatens many more

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LAMAR COUNTY, TX -- A Paris Police Officer lost his home to a large grass fire that also threatened several other homes this afternoon.

Just before noon Tuesday, Gloria Obert was home washing dishes and looked up. She saw a large grass fire, in her rural neighborhood off FM 905 just Southeast of Paris, and immediately called 911.

"I just knew my house was going to catch on fire and all I knew was I had to get my water house and see if I could get the grass out," said Obert. "I couldn't get the nozzle on it fast enough and it just took off."

The Pattonville Volunteer Fire Department arrived and quickly sprang into action.

"Some of the guys that arrived in their personnel vehicles went to residences and started evacuating residences that were ahead of the fire," said firefighter Quincy Blount.

Pattonville immediately called for help and 12 volunteer fire departments from all over Lamar County came to their aid. The departments battled the blaze for several hours before containing it.

The fire did spread to one house, leaving a Paris Police Officer's home a total loss. Firefighters were able to save a dozen other homes in the area.

Blount says if it wasn't for the other departments arriving promptly, the loss would have been more severe.

"The dry conditions with the grass and the wind conditions today and these homes that are very close together, I'm surprised we didn't lose more structures than we did," said Blount.

Neighbors we talked to say they're lucky to still have a home.

"With the wind blowing like it is, there's three houses that it should of gotten," said nearby homeowner Randy Cunningham. "We thank these firefighters."

The Lamar County Sheriff's Office is investigating the cause of the fire.

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