Lamar Co. receives grant for courthouse repairs

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LAMAR COUNTY, TX -- Commissioners may finally have the answer for the leaks that have plagued the Lamar County Courthouse for years.

The Texas Historic Commission has approved a grant of up to $316,000 to help Lamar County fix its leaky courthouse. It's a problem county commissioners say they've fought for years.

"We believe this is the end of the problem for this leak, and we are real happy to see that solved," said County Judge Chuck Superville.

An architect company was hired in January to assess needed repairs. They determined the mortar joints and over one hundred windows need to be resealed.

Through the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program, the grant will match up to 50 percent of the cost of repair.

"The nature of the grant was to try to find projects where a relatively small amount of money could be used to prevent much bigger problems," said Superville.

"Our particular project fit that to the bill. If we could find this leak and stop it, then we have done a whole lot of good for the building overall."

Repairs are expected to begin to begin sometime this summer.

"The water coming into the building has a real deteriorating effect on the overall building, so it's real important that we do get a handle on this as quick as we can," said Superville.

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