Lamar Co. unveils Duane Allen Memorial Bridge

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LAMAR COUNTY, TX -- Lamar County honored one of its most beloved natives, Oak Ridge Boys lead vocalist Duane Allen.

The bridge off County Road 16590 will now and forever be known as the Duane Allen Memorial Bridge.

"Thank you very much," said Allen. "There's not much better than coming home."

Allen was born just a few hundred yards from the bridge. He swam and fished the Big Sandy Creek as a boy.

"Until I got here moments ago, I did not know that this was the bridge and it just blew me away," said Allen. "I thought I had chills already, but big chills came over me then and they started turning into tears."

Allen joined The Oak Ridge Boys in 1966, going on to break musical barriers and win numerous awards along the way. He says all the accolades he'd go on to achieve in music began right here.

"It's going to be a small bridge, in a small community, on a small road, but it's where I grew up," said Allen. "It means everything to me, it's where I dreamed my dreams."

Commissioner Lawrence Malone says its great to see that although Allen has become a star, he still visits and connects with his small hometown 20 miles South of Paris, Taylor Town.

"It gives a message to the young people that if you follow your dreams and do the best you can, sometimes good things really happen to you," said Malone.

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