Lamar County celebrates ribbon cutting for new health department building

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LAMAR COUNTY, TX -- Several community members gathered Thursday to celebrate the official ribbon cutting and take a tour of the new health department and officials say it's a big step up from the old building which was 70 years old.

According to Executive Director Gina Prestridge, "The facility before, you walked up to a very dilapidated porch with a door that was half on its hinges. Just had this very poor aesthetic and I’m very pleased that when people walk into this facility, its bright clean, its spacious and our exam rooms feel like a real clinic."

According to Health Director Amanda Green, “The building was so awful, it was embarrassing having people come there. Now we have a professional place where people can feel comfortable coming. Feeling like they are coming to an environment where the quality inside matches the quality outside."

The WIC office now shares the building with the Health Department making it easier for expectant mothers.

Both staff and clients say the new facility is a boost to morale.

While the open house was held Thursday, the facility has been up and running for two months, and already serves more than 4,000 clients. The WIC side boasts a drive-thru which is only the second facility in the state.

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