Lamar County residents suggest customer friendly changes to Lamar County Water Supply District

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LAMAR COUNTY, TX -- A Lamar County couple received a $3,500 water bill last month, Tuesday they met with the water district board to recommend policy changes.

Grant and Kelli Mallicote say the Lamar County Water Supply District never notified them about the excessive usage.

"There's got to be someway to get a notification when the meters are read and not wait until the billing company to send it out in the mail so the customer can figure it out on their own," said Grant Mallicote.

"There's approximately two weeks there that we continued to flow or use water through our meter that we had no idea," said Kelli Mallicote.

This is the second time in four years the Mallicotes say they've received such a bill. They say it's time the district makes some changes.

"The problem is that we are in the same boat four years later and if there are not changes made than it could happen to us again," said Kelli Mallicote. "It could happen to any of these people over here again."

"We just feel like there's things that are not being done to make it customer friendly," said Grant Mallicote.

Other residents spoke at the meeting, saying they had the same problems and would like to see a notification system put into place.

The water district board pledged to personally have a board member to check the Mallicote's meter and check into their situation. They also said they will look into making policy changes.

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