Law enforcement bust Garvin Co. meth ring

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GARVIN CO, OK -- Early Wednesday morning, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics agents, Garvin County Sheriff's Deputies, and the Lindsay Police officers arrested 19 people accused of distributing meth.

Garvin County Sheriff, Larry Rhodes, says 15 of the 19 arrested were targets of their 18-month investigation.

"This drug ring that we dismantled was based south of Lindsay, Oklahoma in a rural area," Rhodes said. "It was very difficult to get to those targets just because of their location."

Rhodes says they believe at one point they distributed as much as two pounds of meth per week.

Mark Woodward with OBN says they wanted to identify as many suspects involved as possible before making any arrests.

"Over time you just keep these cases going until you believe you have everyone identified, whether it's 6 months or a year, and then you go in and and round them all up," Woodward said. "We identified 23 people that were involved in distribution of methamphetamine."

Although the arrests were made a year after the investigation started, Rhodes says the undercover techniques and the information they gathered will help them with future investigations in Garvin County.

"You gain a lot of insight of what's going on in these these rural communities in Oklahoma, and what we learned through our arrests or through our investigation, it will lead to other arrests," Rhodes said.

Rhodes says they are still searching for more suspects involved in the drug ring, including their main target, Billy Gray Junior.

The 19 arrested today all face felony drug charges.

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