Law enforcement conducts active shooter training

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ANNA, TX - Anna is home to one of more than 400 simulated shootings that use actors to portray shooters and victims.

Anna police officers use this for training.

Sgt. Jeff Caponera worked in Colorado at the time of the Columbine shooting and helped after the tragedy. He knows firsthand the importance of being prepared for an active shooter.

According to Sgt. Caponera, "All the equipment that they would be using in an active shooter response, they can train in the environment here."

Last year grant money allowed Anna police officers to buy this $78,000 program.

They use their own guns with CO2 cartridges and wear vests with voltage.

Sgt. Caponera says, "And it will give them a shock if for some reason they got shocked, punched or anything like that.

Grant money also allowed Grayson College police to buy these realistic air soft training guns.

According to Grayson College Police Chief Andrew Macpherson, "The big catalyst for any college was Virginia Tech. That kinda sparked all college universities to pick up the pace and kinda get with their active shooter training."

They go to buildings that aren't in use on campus and have someone play the bad guy and use the air soft guns for practice.

Sgt. Lorenzo Saavedra says, "The adrenaline does start running a little bit because you know there's somebody out there to get you."

Both departments agree there's no anticipating the heightened stress of a real active shooting.

Macpherson says, "We can drill, we can get all the latest equipment, all the fun stuff to play with, but when the event actually happens, we just have to do what we can."

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