Liquor stores, bars see increase in business from last holiday season

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- With New Years Eve fast approaching, it's one of the busiest times of the year for liquor stores and bars.

Fossil Creek Liquors Store Manager Joy Brooks said sales are up 75 percent over last year at this time.

"I think everybody's just trying to pull out of the economy, and feel like they have a little more money," she said.

She expects business to increase even more over the weekend, capping off with a major sales day on Monday.

"Everybody's out trying to get their last little buy before," she said.

And of course, everyone needs their champagne.

"They like a lot of tequila, they like to have their margaritas, a lot of wine," Brooks said.

And liquor stores aren't the only destination this time of year.

Buffalo Wild Wings Manager Nickie Washburn said with all the bowl games on New Years, they'll be packed.

"New Years Day is awesome though," she said.

Their business increases around 25 percent, she said.

"A lot of people love to come in, have a good time, watch football, relax, because they get the day off," she said. "So it's good business on new year's day.

But DPS is stepping up DWI enforcement over the holidays.

"During the holiday period, the Texas department of public safety is going to have all available troopers watching the roadway," Trooper Mark Tackett said.

Last holiday season, DPS troopers made more than 1,100 DWI arrests statewide.

"So we are gonna be out in full force over the holidays, we'll be out there trying to take care of traffic, trying to make sure that nobody's out there doing anything that could lead to a crash," Tackett said.

And Brooks wants everyone out there to stay safe.

"We'd like everybody to have a driver, so no one is driving drunk," she said.

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