Little Dixie open house

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- Two Bryan County families have a house of their very own after a lot of time, sweat, and help from a community partner.

Crystal Bully now calls this place home, but "it still hasn't hit me yet."

She and her 5-year-old daughter plan to move in Friday afternoon.

"She loves it. She wants to pant her room pink."

She signed the paperwork Friday morning and it's all thanks to Little Dixie.

"I've been looking to buy for a really long time, and a few friends that built before kinda introduced me to the program, and it just kinda went from there."

The self-help housing program gives low-interest loans to qualifying families and sets them up on an affordable monthly payment plan, but there is a catch, "their part of it is the sweat equity that they put into it."

The families have to put in hundreds of hours to help build.

"They're in for a job. It is a tough job, but it's definitely rewarding."

The hardest part for Bully?

"That's probably the hardest part was picking colors."

She's one of two new home owners in Bryan County.

"Pretty exciting. Rearranging, and just moving things around, trying to get settled down."

Kyle Cloid also signed for a new house Friday morning...moving in his wife and two kids.

"They're excited. They're ready to move in."

Contractor Rick Austin says move-in day is why he works with the program.

"It is a very emotional day. I've seen them laugh, I've seen them cry. I've seen the excitement."

Bully says it'll be nice to finally have her own place and her daughter is excited as well.

"She goes 'ooh, floors!' and just started playing right on the floor, right in the living room."

"Little Dixie has two other houses in the works, one in Colbert and one in Madill."