Local Cub Scouts forced to relocate

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BONHAM, TX---Bonham Cub scout troop 54 will no longer be able to meet at First Baptist Church after a vote from the church.

The battle over allowing gay youth in the boy scouts has been ongoing for some time, but this December gay scouts will officially be able to join in the organization.

That is not sitting well with members of the first baptist church in Bonham which is the meeting place for cub scout troop 54 who serves children ages 6 to 11 years old.

Because of the national organizations decision the church members voted 24-20 to not allow the scouts to continue meeting there.

But that is when another church stepped in.

The First Presbyterian Church has offered the troop space to meet at their facility.

A spokesman from first baptist church declined to go on camera but says the church has nothing against the pack and it was just a decision by church members.

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