Local Veterans honored in Ada

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ADA, OK -- ECU's Veteran and Military Appreciation Day was a great welcome home for veteran, Montana Dugger, who just returned from Afghanistan last week.

"Feels good and it's a change," said Dugger. "It feels kind of strange at first getting adjusted and obviously our surroundings are a lot different but it feels great to be home."

Many local and state organizations came out to the college in an effort to inform veterans and active military members about the different services they have to offer.

The event is hosted yearly by the Veterans Upward Bound Program... And director Mary Meeks says it's a helpful resource for anyone in the service.

"They had battle buddies when they went out to serve," Meeks said. Here they don't always have that, and so having a place to come and ask the questions, get the information, get a resource, it is just invaluable."

A ceremony honoring those who've served, was followed by networking opportunites, and the chance for veterans to reminisce.

World War II veteran, Kenneth Murphy, said he likes coming out to tell old war stories with the other veterans.

"We get pretty close to each other because we've been in service and we understand each other and how it was," said Murphy.

Dugger said the efforts of all these agencies and volunteers reminds him, and other veterans, that their service is truly appreciated.

"It really helps with transition to let us know that there are people out here who can help us and that they care," said Dugger. "And that goes a long way when we're trying to make that integration back into the civilian population."

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