Local college student seeks aid for hometown, West

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After the disaster in West, Texas, one Grayson College student is seeking help for her hometown.

Grayson College sophomore Megan Allred was relieved to hear her family escaped Wednesday night's blast, but was devastated to learn that a close friend she's known since kindergarten was not as lucky.

"Her house is completely gone." said Allred. "I have been talking to her a little bit today. She's trying to find places to get clothes and food."

Allred plays for the Lady Viking softball team and this weekend when they play Temple College, they plan on taking donations for the town West.

North Texas American Red Cross has already sent several vehicles to the central Texas area in wake of the fertilizer plant explosion that happened around 8:45 Wednesday night.

"We've worked on supplies of water, snacks and blankets...things that have already been sent there." says Executive Director of the American Red Cross in Denison, Jim Durham.

At the moment the American Red Cross is not asking for donations from the Texoma area. Durham says West is already well supplied, thanks to the overwhelming support from across Texas.

"We're trying to work with local officials to see how best to support the even and what we can provide immediately." said Durham. "It's going to be days, even weeks as it unfolds to see how best we can support them."

But Allred says she still plans to take donations back to her hometown. If you want to help you can bring food, water, clothes, blankets and toiletry items to the Sports and Recreation Center at Grayson College.

"I would not wish this upon anybody, it's a horrible disaster, but any little bit that can help somebody is appreciated." said Allred.

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