Local firefighters travel over 100 mi to Waco to honor victims

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DENISON, TX-Several Denison firefighters travelled more than a hundred miles down to Waco to help honor the victims of the West, Texas blast, along with fallen first responders.

Three members of Denison Fire's Honor Guard had an early start Thursday, volunteering their time and services to help pay tribute to 14 people who died in the explosion; at least ten of whom were first responders.

"It's gonna take a while for them, you know? They're in our prayers. We know how they feel, that's the reason why we wanted to go down there and be part of it. We wanted to help out and show our support."

Kevin Arrington, is one of three Denison firefighters who joined 40 others in Waco standing guard next to the fallen at the memorial service for the victims of the fertilizer plant explosion. He said it was difficult to stand at attention, watching families mourning their loved ones.

"We're starting to get to the families and they're right there, sitting four feet in front of you, and you know all their emotions and everything and it's just hard to stand up there," he said.

Micah Daugherty also stood guard on casket detail in 15 minute rotations and he said it's the least they can do.

"It's something that I thought is needed to be done to repay the other departments that have come to our aid and helped us in our time of need," he said.

Thousands attended the memorial at Baylor University. President Obama and Texas Governor Rick Perry spoke to the grieving families. Even though Waco is 170 miles away, Denison Assistant Fire Chief, Bill Ray, said it won't keep them from lending a helping hand.

"It's important to remember those who have gone like the ones in West. They didn't get any pay for what they did, they went in harm's way because of what their convictions were...so we honor that...we honor the same convictions." (bill Ray)

"to those down in West, we support you, you're in our prayers. We'll still remember you, we'll be there for you," said Arrington.

Five members of the Sherman Fire Honor Guard also assisted families at the memorial, helping comfort them and offering their support.

Federal and state officials are still investigating what may have caused last week's deadly blast.

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