Local fishermen react to death of Pottsboro fisherman

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LAKE RAY ROBERTS, TEXAS -- Gabe Carter, a new husband and father, made his last fishing trip Saturday.

He was one of more than a hundred fishermen casting lines near Wolf Island for a tournament.

"There's a bunch of flats out there and this time of year, the bass fishing's good out there," fishing guide Dannie Golden said.

"An area where there's brush piles and people fish very frequently. There's nothing very dangerous or hazardous about it," Cooke County Game Warden Darla Barr said.

But by sunrise Sunday, Barr knew something had gone wrong. Carter's boat was still in the water, but he was missing.

Golden says his fellow fishermen used Carter's own GPS to follow the boat's drift line.

"So that was really a crucial point in being able to go back and find where someone had entered the water," Barr said.

Authorities say the autopsy will give them a better idea of what happened.

Barr says Carter wasn't wearing his life jacket on a day with difficult conditions.

"We had high winds and it was really choppy out there. If you end up in the water, even with moderate winds, by the time you kind of come back up and get aware of yourself, your boat's away from you," Golden said.

Golden says Carter's death is affecting virtually everyone in the local fishing community.

"Something happens on the lake that you make your living at, it hits close to home. Especially a young guy like that," Golden said.

A scholarship fund titled Gabe Carter Memorial Fund has been set up for Carter's 10-month-old son at American Bank of Texas.

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