Farmers market doing well despite heat

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DENISON, TX -- We all know its very hot out there, but the heat isn't stopping local farmers from making sure great products are put on our tables each week.

Despite triple digit temperatures, the Downtown Denison Farmers Market is thriving. Farmers said last year's drought taught them some lessons.

"It's still the same, it's still just as dry. We've just got it to where we can irrigate it and keep the moisture to it so it'll grow," grower Harold Cook said.

The heat last summer made it difficult for Cook and his wife. So, this year they moved their crop near a pond to ensure it got as much water as possible. You can see they have a lot of produce and lots of customers.

Grower Sharon Reece also made some changes.

"This year hasn't been quite as bad as last year. Partly because we got more of our watering system automated this year, and last year I had to be out there actually watering things by hand with the hose a lot," Reece said.

This year's early rain helped out as well. Reece said she's seen a big difference.

"Last year, I was getting lemon cucumbers that were about like this. This year I'm this size. And everything is just doing so much better," Reece said.

Products at the farmers market are locally grown and have no pesticides. Freshness is guaranteed.

"This is actually grown, you know from the farm to the table in one day. These growers are out there doing their best to make it happen. Especially in Texas, which is not easy to do anything in Texas," farmers market director, Cat Adair said.

Reece has been growing all her life, but only recently started participating in this farmers market. She said now she looks forward to Saturdays every week.

"People come back to my table, my booth each week and they'll say 'oh, I tried one of those last week and it was so good I've got to have another one,' and that just really is very satisfying," Reece said.

The Downtown Denison Farmers Market is open Wednesdays 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to noon.

It will run through the end of October.

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