Local reaction to 2nd presidential debate

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Here in Texoma plenty of people got together to hear what the candidates had to say, and form their own opinions about who came out on top of the second Presidential debate.

The Grayson County Republican Party watched at their headquarters, and the Democratic Party tuned in at "Lupe's World Famous Tamales". Several democrats say President Obama made a comeback from the last debate, but Republicans say the president still has trouble answering questions. Both parties say they have strong reasons to believe their candidate is the best choice.

"Whether you like his record or not he stands behind it and he has done everything for the middle class, seniors and children," Tony Beaverson with the Democratic Party said.

"He has been a working man all of his life, 25 years in a private sector, building jobs. He saved our Olympics," Larry Millson with the Republican Party said.

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