Texoma schools involved in Texas school lawsuit

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DENISON, TX -- Nearly two thirds of Texas public schools are part of an ongoing lawsuit against the State over annual funding and most of our local *Texas schools are on board. Kristen Shanahan spoke with school officials and parents who say school funding is unfair and needs to be fixed.

Last year, $5.4 billion dollars were cut from Texas public education affecting more than 600 school districts -- one of them Denison I.S.D.
Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott says they lost $2 million dollars. Ramon Walker -- a parent and grandparent -- says our kids deserve better.

"Two million dollars that would help out a whole lot of kids around here," Walker said.

Dr. Scott says D.I.S.D. and hundreds of other Texas schools are fighting the cuts.He says they cannot afford to lose that money now that the state is requiring teachers to prepare students for harder standardized tests, and they are seeing an increase of low-income students who are more costly to teach.

"We have more disadvantaged students every year, and the tests have become more difficult and so it's a situation where we have to try to deal with it, but we don't have adequate personnel," Dr. Scott said.

Walker says it is unfair poor funding is taking away from his grandchildren education.

"You know you got kids out here that are drug dealers, you know packing guns. That's not what we want for our kids here in Texas. We want our kids here in Texas to get the education that they deserve," Walker said.

Dr. Scott says this lawsuit is far from over, but hopes in the end lawmakers will at least restore the money they took away.

"Hopefully the legislature in 2013 will be forced to address this, but it's always taken a lawsuit to get the legislature to do what's right with public education," Dr. Scott said.

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