Local woman sheds pounds to run race

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SHERMAN, TX -- Hustle for Health motivated one woman to make some major changes in her life.

United Way's Hustle for Health promotes community wellness. After attending last year's runs, one local woman was inspired.

"When we were handing out water last year I got all excited about seeing the runners run the 5k and 10k. And I just knew that I needed to get healthy because I wanted to do this this year," runner Helene Wildish said.

Helene Wildish saw an opportunity to get fit, and ran with it.

"It's been a year long process about losing weight and getting in shape," Wildish said.

Staying accountable for a year is tough. Wildish knew that so she formed a Salvation Army team of eight. They've been each other's support group and ran together today.

"Every day we all worked at it. We all got out. We all did our own walking. We all talked about it throughout the last year, the last six months, and kept each other accountable," Wildish said.

Others took notice of her accomplishment.

"She's lost 50 pounds and now she's running this year. It's just a fantastic story and hopefully I can be that person next year," Robert Hanna said.

Hustle for Health organizer, Robert Hanna, said Wildish's story is proof that the event is doing it's job to help promote health and wellness throughout the community.

"I would say that across the country and in Grayson county, childhood obesity is a huge problem. And events like this that are family focused really help set the tone for the whole community and for our kids to see that we really care about our health and our wellness," Hanna said.

Wildish says she feels good after today's run, but she's not done yet.

"I have accomplished a goal for this year, but now I need to set another goal cause I want to do it again this next year," Wildish said.

Helene said she's already signing up for upcoming 5k's. Her husband also lost a lot of weight with her.

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