Long-time court clerk retiring from Bryan County

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- The name on the door has been here since 1997. But the actual person has been here far longer.

Thirty-two years to be exact.

Sandy Stroud was elected as county court clerk in 1997. But she had already worked in the office since the '80s.

"I grew up in this court house," Stroud said.

She worked her way up to first deputy before being appointed interim court clerk when her predecessor retired. She won the next election to become the new full-time court clerk.

"I was really honored to be court clerk. But luckily I've never had to run for office. I mean, I've never had an opponent," she said.

Donna Alexander, who's worked with Sandy for 28 years, said there's a reason for that.

"She works as hard as we do. I know there's some elected officials who delegate things. Not Sandy. She works just as hard as we do, and we're really gonna miss the things that she does in that office," Alexander said.

Stroud said she'll miss the job when she officially retires April 1. She ultimately decided to retire to take care of her grandson full time.

"I thought about this ever since my grandson was born. I thought it would be easy, but when it came down to it, it's really been hard. It's really emotional. Because like I said, this place is home to me," she said.

Stroud has 2 years left on her term. County commissioners plan to appoint an interim clerk soon to fill in until they hold a special election in the summer.

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