Look back at Dr. Hashmi's accomplishments as Paris mayor

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PARIS, TX-- The Paris city council elected a new mayor on Monday, replacing Dr. A.J. Hashmi who has held the position for three years.

Dr. A.J. Hashmi served as the city of Paris' mayor since 2011. The first ever Pakistani born Muslim in the state of Texas to hold that position.

Hashmi won the District 7 spot on the council, and then they nominated him as mayor. He wanted to change the city for the better, and believes he did just that.

"I'm very confident about the fact that, at least from the input I get from residents, they were very happy and they are still happy," said Hashmi.

During his term as mayor, Hashmi's accomplishments include a 93 percent positive vote on a 45 million dollar water and sewer bond, providing new fire trucks for the fire department and selling tax delinquent properties.

"I think we touched every aspect of health quality and life and safety of the people and residents of this community," said Hashmi. "Which is the responsibility of any local government."

Hashmi says he feels how the people of Paris perceived him changed as his term unfolded.

"People were concerned as to what I would do," said Hashmi. "I think most of their concerns were relieved, and I think I had more positive feedback than I could have ever imagined."

While Hashmi is no longer mayor he will still sit on the council representing District 7, and says he's not ruling out another run at mayor down the road.

"I never said I would not run for the position again, it is just at this time I needed a little break and that's what I'm taking," said Hashmi. "I'm not quitting the city or local politics by any means."

The council elected District 5's Matt Frierson as the new mayor of Paris on Monday.