Madill School construction projects ahead of schedule

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Madill School students will soon have more room to learn. The school is finishing construction on the last three phases of a seven part project - phases that weren't expected to start until next year.

"I've been surprised at how quickly they're going up," said Jon Tuck, the superintendent for Madill Schools. He said in late October construction began to build three new classrooms at the elementary school, four classrooms at the middle school and an area for concessions and dressing rooms at the middle school.

Tuck has increased property values to thank for a head start on the project.

"Because our valuation has gone up it's actually costing less than was anticipated. We were able to go ahead and sell those bonds, get that money and do that construction early," he said. "Which is a good thing."

Altogether these three projects cost nearly $2 million dollars and were funded by a bond voters passed in 2006. It's not only the end of these three projects, but of all the projects the bond paid for--including an early childhood center and the high school library.

One parent said her kids can't wait to see the progress.

"My kids are excited about that, the ones that go to the middle school," said Wendy Sartin, a parent with children in Madill Schools.

And for Tuck, the new classrooms open new doors to learning.

"We'll be really, really happy to get our kids in there and start having class there," said Tuck.

They expect to start using the new facilities this August.

They expect to start using the new facilities this August.

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