Making an activity out of healthy summer snacks for kids

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- While the kids are home for summer break, why not introduce them to a healthier diet?

This month's Partners in Education seminar focused on child-approved nutritional snacks that kids can make on their own, like pumpkin smoothies, granola peanut butter apples, ants on a log and veggie pizza.

Joyce White with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension says summertime is the perfect time to make an activity out of healthier eating.

"Get them to help with cleaning the fruits and vegetables and so that they're used to going to the refrigerator and grabbing some carrot sticks and celery sticks and things. If you teach them that, then they're more likely to keep those good habits throughout their life," White said.

Whites says it can take 13 tries before a kid is willing to eat a certain veggie or fruit, and the summertime is a good time to test their taste buds.

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