Man arrested in connection to multiple assaults at Herman Baker Park

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SHERMAN, TX -- A man has been arrested in connection to two attempted sexual assaults in one Sherman park. While police said they're both isolated incidents, regular park goers are still concerned.

Wednesday night, a woman reported that she was attacked at the Herman Baker Park by 39-year-old Esteban Hernandez-Rios. And investigators said after he was arrested, he also confessed to other crimes also committed in the park.

Carroll Sturm and his daughters take a stroll at Herman Baker Park 3 times a week, but now he's concerned about their safety.

"I'd feel probably safe going around the park myself, but if I have my girlfriend or my daughter going by herself, probably not. Even after he was caught I won't let them do it," he said.

Sherman Police arrested Hernandez-Rios for the attempted sexual assault of a woman who was jogging in the park Wednesday night.

"When he attacked her, he pushed her down the ground and she was able to fight him off in the process. You know, kicking and screaming, scratching and punching, whatever she can do. He fled the scene but there's actually people here in the park and saw him get into a black truck."

Sherman police Sgt. D.M. Hampton said an officer located Hernandez-Rios truck at the Creekview Apartments. When police searched his apartment, they found a ripped shirt the victim described Hernandez-Rios was wearing during the assault.

After Hernandez-Rios was arrested Wednesday, investigators said he confessed to another crime committed in the park.

"There's a similar incident happened back in July 29th, same basic description of the suspect. When he was interviewed about that he confessed to that incident as well so they'll be getting a warrant for his arrest for that," he said.

Hampton said while both attacks are isolated incidents, it's important for joggers and visitors to stay alert.

"Be aware of your surroundings, you know, if you notice anything weird contact the police department. I think many people nowadays even when they're jogging still carry a cellphone. Have that ready in case you need to dial 911," he said.

Hernandez-Rios is currently held in the Grayson county jail on $500,000 bond.