Man assaulted at Whitesboro convenience store

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WHITESBORO,TX--- Whitesboro Police say a man was assaulted by another random man at a local convenience store last week.

35 year old Sammy Mckinney was arrested after allegedly attacking a man at the AllSups convenience store on March 28th.

Police say the attack happened just before noon, after the victim entered the store to get lunch and was looking for food in an aisle when Mckinney turned towards the victim and punched him multiple times.

Police say the two started wrestling until the victim was able to hold Mckinney down until police arrived.

Police say this was a complete random attack and says the two men don't know each other.

"We talked to the suspect to find out why this would've gone on, and he thought the victim was talking about him on the cell phone about getting him you know assaulting him" said Police Chief Scott Taylor.

"Just be aware of your surroundings at all times, because apparently this can happen at any time and any place; I would've never thought it would happen in our town, but apparently it does." said Billy Johnston.

Police say Mckinney says he is homeless.

The cause of why he decided to strike Johnston is still under investigation.