Man charged with murdering three family members facing additional charge

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(FANNIN COUNTY, TEXAS) -- The Fannin County man charged with killing three of his family members and dumping their bodies along highway 11 last year is now facing an additional charge.

Alexandra Carter was in the courtroom Thursday morning where the prosecution amended the original indictment charging him with capital murder. Prosecutors added an additional charge of felony murder.

Taunton is charged with killing his mother, step-father, and sister in January of 2012 and then dumping the bodies along highway 11, where they were found days later.

In court Thursday, the prosecution offered their reasoning behind the additional charge , saying two separate charges will bring greater justice to the victims and strengthen the case.

The defense objected to the additional charge, but the judge denied that objection.

Taunton's defense lawyer said "in our view that was enough of a substantial change that they needed to go back to the grand jury and get a new indictment but the state and the court didn't agree with us today."

If Taunton is convicted of the felony murder charge and the capital murder charge, he will face the death penalty.

His trial will begin in August of next year.