Denison man drowns in Red River

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- A man drowned Monday afternoon in Bryan County Authorities say it is the first drowning in the area this fiscal year.

Troopers with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol say 29-year-old Enrique Amador drowned in the Red River near the Denison Dam around 3:00 Monday afternoon.

"Apparently he was swimming with some of his friends, five or six of his friends, and they're the one's who reported him missing," Trooper Greg Williams said.

Trooper Greg Williams says Amador was swimming with a group of friends and was last seen sitting on a group of rocks in the river. OHP says the group walked to their vehicle and when they next looked he was gone. Williams says no one witnessed the man actually go under the water and it was an hour before anyone called to report him missing.

"I didn't hear nothing, didn't see nothing. I didn't see no splash. No help. Nothing," Doyle Haugland said.

Doyle Haugland says he saw the group of men swimming hours before the man drowned.

"They was drunk. You can tell that from here. Where I was sitting," Haugland said.

Haugland says he watched his own friend drowned on the same part of the river just last year. He says knowing there was nothing he could do to save him was a horrible feeling.

Chris Ketcham saw the Cartwright Search and Rescue pull the victim's body from the water just after 5 o'clock Monday. Amador was found in about four feet of water, about 10 feet from the North shoreline.

"I'm feeling for the family right now. Just whenever you go to the water just make sure you can swim if you're going to get into it," Ketcham said.

"When you're swimming in a place where you don't know the water wear a life jacket. Life jackets save lives," Trooper Williams said.

Troopers say there was a drowning on the same area of the river last year. Amador's body was taken to Browns Funeral Home. The Medical Examiner is expected to perform an autopsy.