Man is shot by officer after allegedly stealing Bryan County Sheriff's unit

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is investigating an officer involved shooting in Bryan County. Authorities say a deputy shot a man who stole a law enforcement unit and then led officers on a chase.

Around 8:45 PM Monday night Bryan County Sheriff Ken Golden says deputies responded to several burglary calls at Blackjack Village in Durant. While at the scene he says a man stole one of the officers units then hit multiple vehicles, a residence, and nearly ran over a deputy before making it out of the parking lot.

"The vehicle pulled out and the officer had to jump out of the way. The officer fired several shots at the vehicle and the vehicle left the area," Golden said. "The officer apparently had sustained some injury so he wasn't able to pursue."

Golden says other officers then began pursing the suspect who made his way to Calera and crashed off Smiser Road and 8th Street.

The suspect, whose name is not being released at this time, was then apprehended and taken to the hospital.

"He was flown by helicopter down to Plano, and had apparently received several gunshot wounds," Golden said.

He is believed to have non-life threatening injuries.

Tracey Elix says she listened to Monday night's incident over the scanner and that she was upset to find she knows the suspect.

"Oh my gosh it scared me to death. Even though you know someone like that and you know their troubled past, you know, you'd never wish something like that on someone," Elix said.

Golden says the suspect was shot by the deputy who first tried to stop him from stealing the unit at Blackjack Village. The deputy was also taken to the hospital.

"He had no serious injuries. In fact, most of his injuries were just result of just trying to avoid being run over," Golden said.

Golden says Monday night's outcome could have been much worse and says he is thankful for all of the agencies who responded.

"When you have something like this, all the support you can get is absolutely a must and we didn't even have to ask for it they just came and we appreciate that very much," Golden said.