Man survives massive heart attack after bystanders jump in to help

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COOKE COUNTY, TX - Neil was running for Justice of the Peace in Cooke County when he had a heart attack. Now, he's recovering, thanks to the help of bystanders who jumped to action, and the Callisburg Volunteer Fire Department.

61 year old Neil Trice considered himself a healthy man, now, he says he's a lucky man.

"I have no cholesterol and no blockages, my heart was out of rhythm and had been for some time," said Trice.

He's an auctioneer and a rancher, and annual doctor appointments gave him no reason to worry about his heart. But February 3rd, while campaigning for Justice of the Peace at a political forum in Callisburg, "And all of the sudden we hear somebody snoring in the background," said Ken Arterbury.

"And everybody thought it was someone being rude well it wasn't. That was called the death rattle," said Trice.

He suffered a massive heart attack, often called a "widow maker." Two women, Katie Lemons and Katie Brinkley, along with Ken Arterbury began CPR.

"We started to work on it, but the good lord was there. God gets all the glory on this," said Arterbury.

The Callisburg Community Improvement Center had recently received a compact defibrillator--which they used to shock Neil multiple times.

After the second shock, the Callisburg Volunteer Fire Department arrived.

"He was unconscious, barely breathing, and his heart rhythm was not too good," said firefighter Samuel Stanford.

"A civilian was holding open airway and another one was breathing, we took over for them," said firefighter Justin Schaller.

Between the three who immediately stepped in and the firefighters -- Trice was breathing and conscious by the time EMS arrived.

Captain Mike Musick says he had never talked to someone brought back using CPR, "that was great! It was shocking! I tapped him on the face and I said 'hey are you with me?' and he smiled real big and said 'yeah' and I thought 'what in the world that's awesome' so yeah, I was amazed," said Musick.

Trice says God brought him back for a reason, he's thankful to all who helped him, and he has a message: "Enjoy more, smell the roses."

Trice had a pacemaker and a defibrillator put in. He says he hopes his story encourages others to learn CPR, and businesses to get defibrillators.

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