Father found guilty of infant son's murder in Bryan Co.

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- A jury found Marin Clay Allison guilty of second degree murder Wednesday, in the death of Allison's 14-month-old son.

District Attorney Emily Redman argued Allison intentionally abused Ethan Allison, who died from a massive skull fracture in June 2012.

The prosecution called on medical examiner testimony, which showed the injuries were consistent with brutal force.

"Inflicted injuries," Redman said. "That they were the result of severe trauma. That they were the result of force, they could not have been accidental."

Accidental injury is the argument the defense tried to make.

"But the state's contention was that the force used was intentional, and that the defendant neglected the medical need afterwards," Redman said.

In a surprise move Allison took the stand Tuesday, leading to an emotional cross-examination.

"No one was there to tell what really happened, other than the defendant. Unfortunately Ethan wasn't there to tell his story," Redman said.

News 12 reached out to the family of Allison and the defense attorney. They both declined to comment.

The jury recommended a 19-year prison sentence.

"He would be subject to serve at least 85 percent of that, and I respect their decision, I believe that's a just sentence," Redman said.

The sentence hearing is set for November.