Marshall County Commissioners set deadline for Pointe Vista Development

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK - Marshall County residents thought Pointe Vista was building a 1,800- acre development at Lake Texoma State Park back in 2008.

With nothing built today Marshall County Commissioner Chris Duroy said commissioners recently passed a resolution to pressure the developer.

"You're going to have to do something or next year we're gonna go in and either rescind or amend the TIF."

The TIF or Tax Increment Financing district helps the developer by allowing money collected from ad valorem and sales taxes to back up bonds for Pointe Vista so they can sell those bonds and raise money to build infrastructure. But right now Duroy and commissioners could cancel the TIF unless they start seeing results.

"They have to have a four-star hotel and convention center 90 to 95 percent complete," said Duroy.

Commissioners must see progress by May 31st of next year. But Lisa Davis, Deputy Director of Restore Lake Texoma State park, a group representing citizens and small businesses, doesn't see the point in that date.

"I don't see any action being conducted by PVD," said Davis. "So I don't see why they're waiting until May of 2014."

Duroy just hopes the resolution and firm deadline finally sparks action.

"Since they haven't built anything after four or five years we don't feel like they're being a very good partner," said Duroy. "Why did we pass the TIF if they're not going to use it? If they're not going to build anything?"

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