Suspect caught on camera stealing from Marshall County gas station

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A break in at a Marshall County gas station has left the owners with a broken door and ATM machine.

Security video shows a white pickup pulling up to the Crossroads gas station at highway 32 and highway 377 Around 1:30 Friday morning.

Owners said a person got out and tied a chain to the metal bars.They said the suspect then used the pickup to pull the bars off.

Next authorities said the person took a sledgehammer and broke one of the glass doors.Then the suspect tied the chain to the ATM inside and pulled out its cash drawer.

The store owner said he's absorbing the loss from the theft.

"The ATM machine belongs to me, the money in there would belong to me, all that and the insurance doesnt cover it," said owner Larry Lee.

If you know anything about this crime you're urged to call the Marshall County Sheriff's Office.