Marshall County tries for new Emergency Operations Center

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK - One half of the old Department of Corrections building already houses new offices for sheriff's deputies, and Erin Lemons, Marshall County commissioner for district two, hopes to open the door to a new emergency operations center in the other half.

"It's a large enough building that emergency management can be there, you could have the commissioners, you could have all the different facilities that need to be there," said Lemons.

Marshall county currently works out of a 7x10 foot office in the Madill Fire Department.

"It's a rather small little office, only two or three people can get in it," said Lemons.

Which could make communication slower between staff during an emergency and potentially hold up response.

The new EOC would be 45 x 46 feet. Lemons is applying for a state grant to pay for everything the center would need.
She doesn't yet know how much money she'll apply for--but she does know it'll take lots of work.

"We're going to need walls, we're going to need computer equipment, we're going to need a generator," Lemons said. "We're going to need pretty much everything over there except for the actual building itself."

And while not all residents think moving the operations center away from the fire department would be a good use of funds others said if it'll help keep county residents safe in emergencies, it's worth it.

"I think they need to," said Marshall county resident Sandy Pryor. "It's a good idea. They need more room and what they've got now is not sufficient."

The building would also include a living area, showers and a kitchen for emergency responders during a long-term emergency.