McAlister's Deli, Kay Jewelers headed to Sherman

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SHERMAN, TX -- Piles of dirt and beams sit in the rain Tuesday. But in a short time these materials will turn into new jobs.

Scott Shadden, Sherman Director of Developmental Services, said Kay Jewelers will open in a 6,400 square foot store in front of Home Depot.

And he said a 6,000 square foot building is in the works behind Wendy's.

Brina Dutton, owner of Posh Little Pig, said they plan to relocate to that building from downtown Sherman.

It's one of three suites the building will house. Shadden said the other two are still available.

Meanwhile, across the highway a McAlester's Deli is in the works near Taco Cabana.

Bob Rhoden, with Workforce solutions Texoma, said more available jobs help protect against a recession.

"A lot of our local employers are looking for good people right now. But as you know, in order to protect yourself against an economic downturn is to have a lot of jobs available so that people have a lot of places to look," he said.

Rhoden said the new businesses haven't contacted his office. But they normally help set up new employers with job seekers.

"We can do job orders for employers, where they can list the skills that they are looking for, and then we match those against people who are looking for work," he said.

And he said it's a good time to find employment in the area.

"What we have seen is that our employers locally have continued to look for employees even through the recession. And so we're seeing still a lot of good jobs that are being posted in work in Texas, a lot of good jobs that are available throughout the region," he said.

There are also two vacant lots under development on the east side of the highway. According to UCR Realty, the lots total 240,000 square feet, and are still available for lease.

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