Meet the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, OK - Each of the seven Republican candidates who've announced they're running for U.S Senator Tom Coburn's seat will visit Carter County over the next few months.

Eric McCray will be at Monday's Republican Headquarters Potluck Dinner that starts at 6 p.m at 530 S. Washington in Ardmore. The party says it's not endorsing any candidate, but encourages citizens to get involved and meet the hopefuls.

County Chairman, Anna Flatt states, "It's important to think about the things that you would get mad about later; votes that would drive you to call or write them, and ask them about those issues now. It's better to know now, than to find out later how they feel about your passionate issue. And if you find a candidate that you can get behind, it's important to know early in the race, so you can do what you can to help them to win."

The County Party will not be endorsing any candidate, but encourages citizens, regardless of political affiliation, to get involved, meet, and question the candidates before helping or voting for them.

They will be coming to "Potluck Mondays" where every Monday there is a different speaker and food theme. It's a "bring a dish" to share or $5 event where you can meet with active folks in the party. Please call 580-226-0091 if you have questions about the potlucks.

The schedule is as follows:

March 17th Eric McCray
March 24th Dr. Kevin Crow
March 31st Jason Weger
April 7th Randy Brogdon
April 14th TW Shannon
April 21st Evelyn L Rogers
(We are waiting for James Langford to confirm for a Monday in May.)

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