Memorial Day travel safety

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SHERMAN, TX-- As people start their engines this Memorial Day Weekend, Trooper Mark Tackett reminds drivers to buckle up, turn down your radio, put away the cell phone and concentrate on the road.

"This year we are going to have extra patrols out working, from May 25th to May 28th. Trying to stop those drunk drivers, looking for speeders and people who aren't wearing there seat belts."

Oklahoma and Texas will have extra patrols this weekend. Oklahoma Highway patrol said there were 423 accidents last year, which resulted in seven fatalities, but every year more people become more aware of driving safely and those numbers have been decreasing since 2008.

AAA reports an estimated 31 million people will drive this weekend, but most will only drive about 50 miles away from home. Sherman resident, Tim Hart, says no matter how far or close you go driving during the holiday weekend can be scary.

"A person in a vehicle, the wrong person in a vehicle can be like a loaded gun, can be very deadly, so I take driving, driving is not a right, it's a privilege."

Troopers said since motorcycles aren't as easy to spot as cars you should constantly watch the road for bikers. Blake Bryan and his wife are headed for a long ride this weekend and said they are always extra cautious.

"You have to watch for everybody else and take it easy."

If you do see someone driving carelessly, don't hesitate to pull over and report them.

"We would like for you to call them in. You can call your local sheriff's department or you can call the number that's on the back of your inspection sticker or the number that's on the back of your driver's license and that will get us and we will try to get those people stopped so they don't injure anybody," Tackett explained.