Meth lab busted in Healdton

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Todd Puffer was shopping at the feed store on main street when he heard and saw police cars pull up to a vacant building nearby.

"Over the scanner at the feed store we heard there had been a possibility of a meth lab," he said.

Police said a woman from out of state who owns three properties on Main street came by to check on them at 10 this morning. But she saw a lock on one door that wasn't hers.

She called the fire department to break the lock and inside they discovered two men.

Police arrived before they ran and found batteries, sudafed and other supplies for cooking meth in the back room.

"Reports that I'm hearing say that they've seen activity around the building for about two weeks now," said Tim Woodruff, Healdton police chief. "So they've been pretty secretive inside there. It wasn't until today that we actually caught them inside the building."

Chief Woodruff said he's not releasing their names, but the two men will likely be charged with trespassing and endeavor to manufacture.
He said he and his officers are cracking down on the city's meth problem.

"Going after the people that are actually doing the cooking, the buying and the selling," he said. "We've got information and I'm working with county and county's working with us."

Puffer said while this morning's bust came as a shock he knows drugs are an issue in the area.

"It's good to know that they are doing something about the drug problem in the community," said Puffer.