Meth lab storage container to save money and time for law enforcement

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An average joe might mistake this for a small storage shed. But instead of tools, southern Oklahoma law enforcement will use this container to store meth and the hazardous chemicals used to make the drug seized on busts.

"We're down here in Ardmore today to continue on a program that we started back a year or so ago," said Darrell Weaver, director of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

He presented the installation of the container with other law enforcement officers at the Carter County Sheriff's Office. Before receiving the container, a disposal team would have to come and dispose of a meth lab after a bust. Now officers from all over the region can store the drug and chemicals in a secure location, which makes for fewer pickups from the disposal company. Weaver said it's already saved the state $1.5 million.

"Instead of coming out to every single lab, if you've got, say, 100 labs, they had to wait for hours and hours and it cost money for them to come out and do that," said Weaver.

Oklahoma already has nine of these containers and OBN plans on adding three more. Each costs $1,900. They're made by the Department of Corrections and paid for with money from the Department of Justice.

Local leaders say the container makes southern Oklahoma a safer place.

"It's great to work with them to get something down here in this area to protect our folks and to save us some time and money down here in southern Oklahoma as well," said state Rep. Tommy Hardin.

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