Midway Volunteer Fire Dept. rolls out new tanker truck

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LAMAR COUNTY, TX -- Midway Volunteer fire department in Lamar County is rolling out their new tanker, thanks to the Texas Forestry Service.

Thursday morning, Midway Volunteer Fire Chief John Cunningham was presented with a $188,000 check from the Texas A&M Forest Service. With the grant money, the department bought a new tanker for their district.

Chief Cunningham says Midway wouldn't have a department without the help of grants.

"We've got four active trucks right now," said Cunningham. "None would exist without assistance from FEMA for one truck, who posted 80 percent of the funds, and for the Forestry Service, paying 90 percent of those funds."

"That is a $200,000 tanker. (With) Our annual budget it would taken 20-years of no costs, no fuel costs or anything else to do that."

The truck passed the Forest Service's inspection, so the department can now put it to use.