"Moms 2 College" fair gives mothers higher education information

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ARDMORE, OK - "I wanna do corporate law," said Aysia Higgs. She has big dreams and 2 girls she's raising as a single mother.

"Tey keep me going, they're very active," said Higgs.

That's why she came to the "Moms 2 College" fair. Put together by Southeastern and East Central universities, moms can learn more about higher education.

"I want to find out more about the scholarships and more about different things," Higgs said. "And once I graduate with my associates how can I go even further than that."

JoAnna Wall works for Single Mothers Academic Resource Team, and explained why her organization attended the fair.

"We have a lot of single mothers in Oklahoma, and one of the things they can do to help stay out of poverty is to get a college degree," said Wall.

In addition to SMART, ECU and Southeastern representatives answered questions about degree plans, financial aid and job opportunities. Little Dixie, The Department of Human Services and the Chickasaw Nation had tables and representatives at the fair to help mothers find housing, child care and scholarships.

"For purely informational purposes, but it will help them get the ball rolling by knowing who to contact," Wall said.

As for Higgs, she's found out more about her next academic step to reach her goals.

"I wanted to definitely go to school to do better for myself and better for my children," she said.

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