More female inmates at Grayson Co. Jail, linked to meth problem

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS -- Grayson County Sheriff Keith Gary says they're seeing in increase in females at the county jail and it's linked to one drug.

"The problem that we're having with meth, I mean, it's just something that just ruins lives," Gary said.

Gary says more women are being booked for using meth. Police documents show that in the past 90 days, 15 women have been arrested for controlled substance in Sherman, and nine in Denison.

"We don't know what it is, but the number has really grown," Gary said.

But local behavioral health counselor Rhonda Schroeder says she knows why more women are using meth because she sees it every day.

"We have patients come in daily that have had a history of meth addiction," Schroeder said.

She says nine out of 10 of her female patients in North Texas have used or are using meth and that statistic is becoming the new norm.

"Methamphetamines is relatively cheap and easy to get ahold of," Schroeder said.

Not only is meth cheap to buy and easy to make, Schroeder says women are also drawn to the drug for another reason.

"Women tend to use it quite a bit because they want to lose weight. It's a very quick weight loss. Problem with that they don't realize is that it peaks at six weeks and you stop losing weight," Schroeder said.

Statistically, just as many men use meth as women, but Schroeder says more women are turning to meth.

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