Mother's Day business booms

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SHERMAN, TX -- This Sunday we celebrate the women who love us unconditionally. And this year, Americans seem to be spending a lot more on mom.

Statistics show that we will spend over $18.6 billion by Sunday for Mother's Day.

Experts say that's because the economy is slowly turning around, and people just have more to spend

I spoke with some special ladies about what mother's day means to them.

And some business owners who say the increased spending means moms aren't the only ones celebrating.

Mother's Day is a day to shower the women we care about with love and even gifts.

This year, we seem to be spending more on mom.

"I think Mother's Day is the biggest eating out day of the year, but there's a huge increase in reservations that we've already gotten cause we're already booked." said Angie Boedeker, owner of Angela's Cafe.

Even though the economy is still a little sluggish, spending for Mother's Day is expected to rise 8% from last year, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation.

That's about 152 dollars per mom.

Local businesses say they see that trend right here in Texoma, and are working frantically to fill all the orders they're getting for Mother's Day celebrations.

"Our main wire service estimated half of where we already are and we haven't even filled half the orders... Yeah we far surpassed that so far... Sales are definitely up this year." said Paulette Wade, owner of Country Florist.

Wade says this holiday comes in a close second to valentine's day when it comes to floral orders. Even though it keeps her busy, she doesn't mind.

"Its very special to me because I grew up in the family business and my mother who's gone, she's been gone a few years, so it's like she's here with me," said Wade.

But whether you spend a lot or a little, these mom's say, it really is the thought that counts.

"Its just an important day, they made it for me, they did it yes," said Neeva Metters, a local mom.