Muenster community welcomes home teen from hospital

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MUENSTER, TX -- It was an exciting day for 17-year-old, Abby Pagel, and her family as hundreds of friends and Muenster residents lined Main Street to welcome her home this afternoon.

Pagel says she's happy to be home and says she's blessed to be from such a supportive community.

Friday afternoon, the Muenster Volunteer Fire Department led Abby Pagel down Main Street, where the 17-year-old was surprised by hundreds of friends and community members cheering and welcoming her home.

"I live in a great community, I was really shocked," Abby Pagel said.

One of Abby's good friends says the whole Muenster community is glad she's home.

"Oh it's great. Everyone's excited," said senior, Tavi Saldana. "She's been in the hospital for two months now, and it's just great to have her come back. We've missed her."

Back on February 16th, Abby was in a vehicle with four other girls, when they veered off the road, flipped several times, and landed across the baseball field - upside down.

Abby suffered a severe head injury, broken bones, and was in a medically induced coma.

She's been in the hospital and rehabilitation since the accident.

Now, she's excited to be home for good.

"It is awesome," Abby said. "It's an awesome feeling."

"Lots of love and prayers and support have got us this far, and we've got a long road ahead of us but she's doing great," Abby's mom, Laura, said.

Abby's relative, Gary Fisher, says showing support for her is important and something Muenster residents want to do.

"It's a lot of mental games that you have to play and showing that community support should help her in her recovery because she has to know that everyone is rooting behind her in her complete recovery," Fisher said.

Abby's mother says that support has carried Abby through her recovery.

"She's made an amazing recovery so far and she is a miracle," Pagel said. "All of those girls that were in that accident are a true miracle."

The other four girls in the accident have returned home and are recovering.

Abby's says she's looking forward to graduating with her high school class on May 30th.

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