Naked man burglarizes Sherman Goodwill

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SHERMAN, TX - A Sherman man caught in the act tearing up the Goodwill in Sherman wasn't just caught red-handed, he was caught in a red dress and heels.

Early Monday morning the front desk clerk at Executive Inn called Sherman police after a guest broke out of the window in room 202.

"So he call police, when call police, guest not in room," said hotel manager, Jai Demla.

"Not sure what his mental state was at the time, if he was intoxicated on alcohol or some other substance." said Sherman Police Sergeant, Bruce Dawsey.

The clerk told officers the man in 202 had taken off running down Texoma Parkway naked, and bleeding.

"Furniture, and bed spread, everywhere blood, blood, blood blood all the way up to Goodwill." said Demla.

Officers followed that blood trail straight to the store where they saw something very strange inside.

"They saw what later turned out to be our suspect, running through the middle of Goodwill, although he was no longer naked, he had selected a red flowery print sun dress to wear." Dawsey said.

Police arrested 33 year old Adam Mabery inside Goodwill, wearing a red dress, red high heels and carrying a purse as he destroyed the store.

"He completely smashed through the front door, and pretty much went all over the store, shopping and bleeding everywhere." said Good Will's Lisa Gann.

The wild shopping spree forced Good Will to close for 2 days to clean up the mess.
They say they had to have a special cleaning crew come out to help.

"I'm not really sure what the clean up crew has costs, but they've put an estimate of over 30 thousand dollars worth of damage." said Gann.

After being treated for injuries at Wilson N. Jones, Mabrey was booked into the Grayson County Jail for criminal mischief and burglary, both felony charges.

Goodwill says they will re-open for business tomorrow.

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