Nearly 20,000 people join Save Lake Texoma movement

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TEXOMA -- The "likes" are multiplying by the minute.

Since its creation four days ago, the "Save Lake Texoma" Facebook page has taken off, fueling a grassroots campaign to stop drainage from the lake that's currently at 609 feet, it's lowest level in over 30 years.

"You know, it affects a lot of people: their livelihood, the economics of the marinas, you know, and all the businesses that depend upon that lake," Jack Browning said.

Browning is one of the nearly 20,000 people who "like" the page and the mission.

"I just know I do a lot of work around the lake, Colbert Boat Club and different marinas, and they're drying up," Browning said.

That's the page's message: where there was once water, there's now dry land from Highport Marina, to Cedar Bayou, to the Denison Dam and more.

BJ Parkey with the Army Corps of Engineers says there's not enough rain, the existing water is evaporating and other water is being used for hydropower and drinking.

Longtime lake-goer Doyle Haugland remembers when the lake's elevation was at a record-low in 1957.

"You talk about low water now, 1957 it was a 599," Haugland said.

Parkey says the Army Corps won't let the lake won't go below 590 feet and reminds people that the lake was intended for flood control, not recreation.

But for many of the thousands who've come to love Lake Texoma, like avid camper Linda Copeland, it is for fun.

"I love sitting out around the fire and the water and it is recreational to us and that's why we really enjoy the lake," Copeland said.

A Kingston woman, Robyn King, created the "Save Lake Texoma" Facebook page.

Visit the page at:

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