West Grayson Co. neighborhood upset with noise from oil well drilling

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX - Some residents are not so thrilled with their newest neighbor. Regal Energy is drilling an oil well on Keyes Road, about 13 miles west of Sherman. News 12's Daniella Rivera spoke with residents who say they're upset with all the loud noise coming from the operation.

Neighbors Vicky Morris and Jamie Dixon moved into their country homes on Keyes Road near Sherman more than 7 years ago, seeking peace and quiet.

"Our property values are going to diminish," said Dixon.

Their newest neighbor, Regal Energy, a Plano-based company, is drilling an oil well on land directly in front of their homes.

"We thought we should at least get some kind of letter to prepare us for what's going on, but just to be woke up on a Sunday morning with all this going up, it was horrifying. It really was," said Morris.

Morris and Dixon told News 12 the oil rig went up at 6:30 Sunday morning, and the noise hasn't stopped since.

"I'm really mad. I wanna cry. It's not a sight I want to see. It's not noise I want to hear. We enjoyed the country and it's like they took it away from us," said Morris.

"Bright lights especially at night, and the noise, our bedrooms are right in front of the house and it's just so loud that there's not sleep at all," said Dixon.

Precinct 3 Commissioner Phyllis James tells us Grayson County does not have a noise ordinance in place.

Regal Energy tells News 12 in the time it would take to put up a sound barrier for residents, the drilling would be complete, as it takes about 20 days. But they will try to reposition the lights.

Regal Energy says the finished well pump will make very little noise.

"We don't know what to do we're just so stressed about it all," said Morris.

Regal Energy also released this statement: "Our company strives to be a good neighbor while helping to meet our nation's energy needs. The drilling process for this oil well is a temporary situation that we will complete as quickly as possible. If our neighbors have questions or concerns we urge them to contact us so we can discuss their issues." - Regal Energy LLC

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