New Bryan Co. Sheriff Ken Golden takes oath of office

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- Sheriff Ken Golden took the oath of office Wednesday morning, becoming the first new sheriff Bryan County has had in 20 years.

"I guess knowing that you're in charge, and that if anything falls down it falls on you," he said. "That's the kinda stuff I'm looking forward to."

Golden has big ideas for Bryan County, he said. He plans to move slowly in the transition.

"But there's things that people do want to see change," he said. "Times have changed. And we need to move on and move forward."

He wants to be more involved in schools, with initiatives like bringing back the DARE program. He also said he wants to focus more on outlying areas and tackle the county's growing meth problem.

"Just getting out there and doing what we're suppose to do," he said. "We're hired to do something, we're elected to do something. Let's do it."

But it's also a significant time for former Sheriff Bill Sturch. Because for the first time in 20 years, when he wakes up Thursday he won't be sheriff.

"And I don't have any problems at all walking out of here today," he said. "I don't think they'll be calling me for any advice, Ken's been here long enough to know what I do and how I think. He'll do a good job."

And it'll take some adjustment time for everyone in the sheriff's office.

"Anytime change comes, most officers and deputies, they don't like change, but I think there are things that are gonna be better for the sheriff's office and better for the community," said deputy Nathan Calloway.

"The responsibility now is all mine. So any decisions that I might have questioned in the past, right or wrong, now those are my decisions to make. So I will have to be responsible for them," Golden said.

Golden's no stranger the Sheriff's office. He's served as Sturch's undersheriff for the past 20 years.

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