New LSD-type drug makes its way into Fannin County

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FANNIN COUNTY: A new synthetic drug is making its way into North Texas, and has turned up in Fannin County. It's so new, it's technically not illegal yet. Daniella Rivers brings us details on how the DA's Office intends to prosecute the most recent case.

LSD comes on colorful or marked blotter paper, and each square is a unit.

"LSD is one of the most dangerous man-made drugs," said Chief Deputy James Woods with the Fannin County Sheriff's Office.

Woods says in November, the department conducted an undercover operation, purchasing 150 "hits" or units in a controlled buy.

"This was the largest LSD bust in Fannin County history," said Woods.

17 year old Subrat Bhandari of Fort Worth, and 20 year old Haley Holt were arrested on charges of manufactured delivery of a controlled substance.

When Texas DPS analyzed the drug, they found it was a relatively new mixture--nicknamed N-Bom--which has similar properties to LSD.

Fannin County district attorney Richard Glaser says the mixture can be 66 times more powerful than LSD, and because the tweaked recipe isn't listed on the Federal or State Schedule of Controlled Substances yet, it wasn't overtly illegal for Bhandari and Holt to be in possession of the drugs.

Glaser says their case is strong. They caught the whole sale on video, but they need a forensic toxicologist to prove those drugs are part LSD.

"The real problem, and a nation wide problem, is these chemists--every time they get a drug and it gets on the criminal schedule--they change it up just a little bit," said Glaser.

He says in order to prosecute these two suspects, the County has hired an expert witness to testify the drugs in this case, are analogues of an illegal substance.

"If it has the same makeup and the same properties and the same affect, then that can be prosecuted as an analogue of a prohibited drug," said Glaser.

He went on to say he expects this potent mixture will be criminalized in the next legislative session.

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